Café BAGA was set up in May 2022 by Thanawat Chantrasri, Founder & CEO of Kaew Rak Company Limited that focus on the variety of specialty coffee both of Speed bar and Slow bar. We have BAGA's Signature Blend that called THE 4 SEASONS come with Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter that made from 100% premium arabica. There are special blend concept that the coffee lovers can pick the flavour to matching with yout lifestyle. And we have special single origin beans from around the world to make the best cup for you by hand brewing methods such as Drip, Syphon and Aeropress. You will enjoy with the craft of coffee by BAGA's Coffee Specialist team that ready to create a perfect cup for all  coffee lovers. That's the concept of Café BAGA. Moreover, Café BAGA is also providing non-coffee menu such as French chocolate, Mariage Frères tea from France and a lot of evening drink menu.

Café BAGA Flagship Store - ARI SAMPHAN 4 (Under Construction)
One of the biggest café store in Ari area. It's over 200 sqm. Providing 4 zones with 4 different elements.
Located on the 3rd floor, Beacon zone. This store is perfect for co-working, meet, couple, group or take a break from shopping.

"Café Baga Specialty Coffee and Lifestyle Café"
Thanawat Chantrasri
Founder & CEO | 
Kaew Rak Co.,Ltd.

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